Downtown Littleton Welcomes 2 New Businesses

January 31, 2024

It’s a new year and there are 2 new businesses that have recently opened in Downtown Littleton. Join us in supporting and welcoming Cencalli Taqueria and Spell Books to our community!

Cencalli Taqueria

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Littleton, this Taqueria offers a haven for food enthusiasts seeking the best street Mexican cuisine in town. The word ‘Cencalli’ originates from the Nahuatl dialect, the ancient language of the Aztecs, meaning ‘family’. 

At Cencalli Taqueria, the spirit of family is embodied in their passion for preserving generational recipes that inspired them to open their doors, and they invite you to be a part of their extended family. As you indulge in their mouthwatering tacos, you’ll not only taste the flavors passed down through the years but also experience the warmth and togetherness that defines Cencalli. 

Join us and become a cherished member of their family while enjoying the true essence of our culinary traditions one taco at a time.

Spell Books

Yes, a real bookstore…and so much more! Spell Books is an independent bookstore and writers workshop for youth and adults. It’s a small space and therefore offers a carefully curated selection of books and bookish items. Between their specific taste and small storefront, they only carry books you’re sure to be excited about.

Spell Books offers an online shop via affiliation with, and they also offer in-person workshops for children and adults, as well as Book Club, Friday Night Read ‘n Write, and more. Registration for all events can be found here.

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