The Littleton Downtown Development Authority’s (LDDA) vision is a vibrant and welcoming district built through collaborative efforts that preserve the district’s unique character and feel, and promotes economic growth.

We are committed to steering the economic vitality of the district through collaborative efforts that cultivate a vibrant community where businesses thrive, residents are actively engaged, and visitors are eager to return.

The LDDA is guided by the Plan of Development which provides a road map for potential future investments in physical improvements, maintenance, programs and services for the betterment of downtown to be implemented by the LDDA. In some instances, potential initiatives may require city funds and collaborations with stakeholders and partners.

The plan identifies five primary themes of improvement for downtown that were established based on feedback from stakeholders and the general public.

To read the full Plan of Development, click here.

Below is an overview of the five primary themes of improvement identified in the plan. These themes create a framework from with the DDA organizes its work programs.

Beautiful & Welcoming

Create an experience that is beautiful and welcoming for all that come downtown and create a place that people want to come back to.

  • Enhance gateways into the district so people know they are entering a unique, beautiful, and well-maintained place, and to invite people to experience it from end to end.
  • Redesign Bega Park to be a more active and inviting place for locals and visitors, and make it more functional on a daily basis for events.
  • Enhance the beauty of downtown by adding flowers, public art, landscaping, trees, and festival lighting.
  • Add elements that create comfortable environments and welcome people to linger and stay downtown longer.

Create a downtown that is well-connected so that people from other parts of Littleton and the region have easy access to visit downtown via all forms of transportation.

  • Improve intersection safety for pedestrians at key locations in the district where people are walking to/from parking lots and other destinations.
  • Enhance the connection of Little’s Creek Trail that brings DISH employees and people from the Mary Center Greenway into downtown.
  • Create gateway streets to downtown by designing Prince Street, Church Street, Littleton Boulevard, and Bowles Avenue as “complete networks” that are multi-modal and welcoming.
  • Implement improvements to Main Street and Alamo Avenue that create an iconic pedestrian-first environment and encourage economic development and activation along these primary streets.
  • Create a series of secondary pedestrian alleys that serve as key walking connections through the district and secondary commercial locations.
  • Provide more pedestrian connections across the railroad tracks to connect downtown with neighborhoods to the east.
  • Enhance visibility of and access to downtown destinations, amenities, and parking.
Improved Parking Experience

Create a downtown that has improved parking options and educate the public about them to increase awareness of the breadth of options.

  • Form parking partnerships between RTD, Arapahoe Community College (ACC), the City, and other property owners to increase supply during peak times.
  • Create a district parking plan that is user-friendly, providing education, directional signage, and clear rules.
  • Create an employee parking plan that ensures customers are a priority.
  • Pilot a parking shuttle that circulates downtown connecting people from outlying parking lots to downtown.
  • Longer-term parking management strategies should include a parking study and potential creation of a parking district to better manage and build additional supply.
Clean & Safe

Create a downtown that is clean and safe to improve the visitor experience and attract more businesses.

  • Provide additional security to address loitering and other security concerns for a safer downtown experience.
  • Hire a private company for power washing sidewalks, trash removal, landscaping and other maintenance.
Business Friendly & Vibrant

Create a downtown that is business-friendly and vibrant so more businesses want to locate here and are able to thrive.

  • Boost vibrancy and business support throughout the district by providing consolidated professional downtown marketing and event planning and promotion.
  • Encourage private investment in downtown that helps advance the vision for the future.
  • Focus on helping small businesses succeed by providing support services and filling vacant storefronts and spaces.
  • Keep DDA ratepayers informed and engaged in district programs.
2023-24 Annual Operating Plan

While the Littleton Plan of Development sets the roadmap over the course of the next decade for the DDA, the annual operating plan helps digest it into manageable goals and tactics over the course of a year.  Learn more about the work that the Littleton DDA is doing now by reading the 2023-24 Annual Operating Plan here.

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